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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Getting the opportunity to travel even if it is to a "tourist" location should be taken advantage of whenever it is possible. I recently went on vacation the summer of 2018 to Orlando, Florida (however I didn't actually stay in Orlando). It was exciting to visit all the tourist locations that were in Florida and went to my fair share of white sand beaches.

Summer vacations can easily suck your wallet dry especially if you aren't taking cash on your trip and only swiping your card. Being a college student, money comes and goes quickly so I have made a list of ways to find fun places around you without breaking your budget.

Don't sleep on the official tourist websites


Whenever you think of cheap ways to find a fun activity to do in a new city we never think to look at the official tourist site. However, looking at official Visit (your city of choice) websites has often helped me find really cool spots around the city. There are numerous resources that can be found on these websites and are often done by people who are native to the city. This usually works best with bigger cities rather than small towns as locals from small towns know the spots more intimately than those of the big city and may be hesitant to put the information online. Here's a preview of what the Visit Houston website has to offer in activities and restaurants.

Check Social Media


Social media has helped revolutionized the tourist attractions in numerous cities and has gained free exposure for numerous businesses. Checking social media for the city that you are in helps you gain an insight on the cities culture and allows for you to find the spots that locals often visit. You are more likely to trust the opinion of a real person that has tried an establishment so much that they posted about it online rather than the business telling you how great they are. It also helps you gauge the atmosphere in certain establishments and helps you set the tone for your trip. In bigger cities, there are often influencers who will post unique places around the city that if you are looking for photo opportunities, it would be easier for you to find them.

Groupon is your best friend


One of the best ways that I have found cheap ways to get around a new city is by browsing Groupon and looking at reviews of the establishments listed on there. Another way that I use Groupon is that I will find new places that I would like to try out on foodie websites or influencers and look them up on Groupon. Groupon has helped me gain several deals on things that I wanted to do but had too little money for and has even opened me up to trying new experiences as it is for a cheap price.

Whenever I go on a trip, I often make a google sheet in which I will throw in numerous options from Groupon and narrow down my choices. This helps me get a better understanding of how much I should be budgeting for the upcoming trip and how much money I can save to spend on other things such as clothes. Here is an example of one of the google sheets that I have made with Groupon deals in the past.

This has also proven to be helpful when traveling with numerous people as you can split the cost between everyone that decides to go on the trip. Groupon is also very good at giving group promotions and will give you more bang for your buck. Having a google sheet filled with all of your Groupon deals is also helpful for your group as you can share it and access it anywhere you go. This can also help your group manage their budget or what the group will be spending on the trip.

Use your college discount


Remember to bring your college ID so that you can snag any deals that may present themselves at certain establishments. Try researching places around the city that you are staying at that often give discounts to college students but make sure to check that it is not just for students from the area. However, don't be afraid to ask at every establishment that you are at if they have a college student discount before you pay! All they can tell you is no and if they say yes, you just saved yourself a couple dollars.

Make your surroundings a photoshoot


I find that I always have the most fun just going around town and finding cool murals to pose with. This is the most inexpensive travel advice that I can give to you as it only requires you to fill up your gas tank, charge your phone or camera batteries and grab a buddy. You can easily find murals by searching hashtags of the city that you are in and sometimes even looking up the city name on your social media. I always have lots of fun making these pictures as you can grab a group of friends and make worthwhile memories. It is also fun to see what your pictures look like and give you easy content to post online for everyone's social media.

It is also extremely fun to see how much you and your friends changed over time. It also gives you a reason to go back to visit the city you were in to recreate pictures with your good friends! Hopefully these tips on finding cheap options on worthwhile experiences at any city that you visit were helpful to you. I would love to know if any of you found these tips useful or implemented the tips that I listed here.

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